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Augmented Construction

AuC is a Design and Construction Consultant. We leverage the power of Building Information Modeling combined with cutting edge technology to increase your project RoI.  We combine our construction experience with technology to Augment the development process, to create transparency, higher quality deliverables and empower better risk management.                                   

Good Data is Good Business.

Augmented Construction: Welcome


Augmented Construction is committed to providing creative and scaleable solutions for every customer. We know that each customer is different, which is why all of out services can be easily customized. Learn more about what we offer below and fill out the contact form with any questions you have or to schedule a meeting with one of our team members.


Laser Scanning, Scan to BIM and Digital Twin

Utilizing the Trimble X7 3D Laser Scanner, the team at AuC ensures the highest quality scans and Scan to BIM services. 

Our highly qualified design team at AuC will digitally capture the physical environment of your construction project to create a Digital Twin.

360 Degree Photogrammetry

Extract 3D information from photographs and convert them into 3D digital models.

IOT image.png

IoT Solutions

Mitigating risk with unprecedented insight into the field labor using IoT solutions providing data for productivity, tools for safety and compliance and contact tracing for COVID response

Interested in how our services can help you? Contact us below

Augmented Construction: Services
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